Posted by: jonkatz | June 17, 2009

Anonymous or not?

As part of deciding to start a blog, I had to also decide whether to blog anonymously or not. In an ideal world, I would have preferred to blog anonymously: it’s not that I am embarrassed of any of my opinions, but that doesn’t mean I am completely at ease with everyone knowing all my opinions. Even more so, there are several things that I would only feel comfortable blogging about anonymously: some obvious (complaints about my department); some less so (complaints about the grant process).

Ultimately, I made the decision to blog non-anonymously because I couldn’t imagine, in practice, maintaining my anonymity very long. I suspect that most of the people who [will] read this blog are people I would run into frequently, and it would just be too difficult for me to (1) not discuss what I just blogged about, and (2) not blog what I just talked about.



  1. Apart from the ease of distinguishing you from a John Doe, people just wouldn’t read this blog if it were anonymous. But you can always leave an anonymous comment to your own blog. 🙂

  2. Congrats on starting a crypto blog! I am planning to be an avid reader.
    And now let the criticism begin…
    Your ‘about’ is broken (it says ‘here’s a sample wordpress file’ or something like that). And I couldn’t find anywhere the description of the blog which is quoted by GASARCH (where is it? is it right under my nose and I’m missing it?)

    Thanks again for blogging, keep it up just the right amount! (I vote for something every other day)

  3. Thanks for the (anonymous!) comment.

    I fixed the about link. The description of the blog from GASARCH was something I emailed him, it’s not on this site.

  4. ‘start a blog’ link is broken (in the first line!)..

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