Posted by: jonkatz | July 10, 2009

Adam Smith receives PECASE award

Congratulations to Adam Smith, who recently received a well-deserved PECASE award.

More generally, I am happy to see signs of healthy funding for theoretical cryptography both in the US and (even more so) in the EU.



  1. This is emphatically NOT to take away from Adam’s well-deserved award. Unfortunately a great many CAREER awardees are simply ineligible for PECASE due to the citizenship requirement. If the young theorist in your department didn’t win a PECASE, perhaps that’s why.

  2. thought adam was a canadian citizen …

  3. Both previous commenters are essentially correct.

    Just to clarify: the award is open only to citizens and permanent residents (I am the latter). The rules essentially disqualify academics who moved to the US for their studies, unless they took a big chunk of time off to work in industry, or married a US citizen or permanent resident. (It is possible to get a green card through a work visa, but it takes approximately as long as getting tenure, and if I’m not mistaken the clock gets reset when you switch jobs or types of visa.)

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