Posted by: jonkatz | September 2, 2009

Hiring at UMD

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland will be hiring this year.

We have three targeted positions and one open position. For readers of this blog I wanted to point out:

  • One of the targeted positions is in biocomp. This could include theoretical work (in, e.g., algorithms or machine learning) with biological applications.
  • A second targeted position is in databases/AI (don’t ask), but includes a call for people with interest in social networks, interpreted broadly. Once again, this could include people with theoretical interests that apply to social networks.
  • The open slot is, well, open to candidates from all areas. It is a chaired position intended for people who are now at least 2 years out of graduate school. I would especially encourage people with interests in security, cryptography, and theory to apply.

Update (Sept 3): It is now official.



  1. The ad is now available at our department’s homepage. This is a very good opportunity, especially given the current job market. As Jon said, you are strongly encouraged to apply. Please feel free to contact any member(s) of our theory group if you have questions.

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