Posted by: jonkatz | September 9, 2009


Via Lance’s twitter feed, I see the STOC 2010 call for papers is out. There are several cryptographers/people with expertise in cryptography on the committee, including Yael Tauman Kalai, Chris Peikert, Oded Regev, Alex Russell, and Andy Yao.

So now the deliberations begin…gamble by sending to STOC, or play it safe(r) and submit elsewhere?



  1. Play safe and submit to Eurocrypt!

  2. It depends if your paper is co-authored with your student.
    The algorithm is this:

    1) if the answer is no, gamble, you have tenure :).
    2) if the answer is yes, how many papers does the student have already? If he/she is doing well, still gamble, as you are not hurting the student much, but can help a lot.
    3) otherwise, play “safe” and submit to EC.


  3. I deliberately wrote “safer” and did not mention Eurocrypt… =)

  4. I would send to STOC/FOCS if you think you have a result that is really of interest to the general theory community. Otherwise, send it to a crypto conference where you will get a bigger audience. If the paper is with a student then I agree that one should MAYBE think about the effect on the student’s CV etc. However, in general I strongly believe that if you do the right thing scientifically then in the long run that’s the best thing. So, do the best thing for your result. In the end that’s what conferences are for; to let the community know about your result. So, send it to the community who’ll be most interested in it.

  5. If you cut out papers from STOC/FOCS that are not of interest to the larger TCS community, you’d have to cut the number of crypto papers by about 2/3…

    A bit more seriously, it is unclear to what extent other areas apply the same standard.

  6. I fully agree that this is not an across the board standard. However, note that I am not talking about what is fair, what is good for your CV or anything of this nature (or what other people do). I am talking about what is good for your paper.
    In most if not all cases, your paper will get more exposure at TCC/Crypto/Eurocrypt and will also be better received. By this measure, you should probably never send to STOC/FOCS. However, I also think that it’s good that crypto is connected to the general theory community. So, for papers of general interest I do think that it’s good to send there (possibly at the price of getting less exposure).

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