Posted by: jonkatz | December 17, 2009

Twitter feed

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve added a twitter feed to this blog.

I’ve never been a big fan of twitter as a social networking tool. (Believe me, the last thing people need to know is what I’m doing every half hour.) I’ve had an account for a while — I wanted to reserve the name (and I still couldn’t get jkatz) — but my first tweet was today. It seems to provide a useful way to link to relevant articles without having to write a whole blog post.

On the other hand, so far I find it kind of “dry” since no one can post comments about the stuff I’m linking to — i.e., there is no two-way communication. What do the readers think? (Feel free to also use this space to comment on any of the tweets I’ve posted so far.)



  1. There’s no rule that says blog posts must be >140 characters long. Rather than tweet an article, post the link in the blog. If you want, you can include the abstract or a few sentences about why you are linking to it.

  2. I wish the posts in your twitter freed where NOT short urls. I am intrinsically unwilling to click on those links, even if endorsed by you.

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