Posted by: jonkatz | January 11, 2010

Federal grant silliness (part 1?)

(Part 1 of what may be a series…)

I am loath to criticize federal grants too much, since they fund a good chunk of my salary…and yet…

In booking upcoming travel to Europe, I noticed a great fare of $600 available (this is for midweek travel, no weekend stopover, booked on relatively short notice). Unfortunately, that fare was on a non-US carrier — so due to the Fly American Act I will instead take a less convenient flight costing 3 times as much. A fine example of your* tax dollars at work!

The silly Fly America Act affects me every time I travel: always by forcing me to take a less preferable airline (US carriers seem to be the least comfortable, and offer the fewest amenities to the traveler), and usually by making me fly at less convenient times. But the price difference this time is truly egregious.

(*If you pay taxes to the US, that is.)



  1. You can fly an airline like Lufthansa if you like by buying the ticket with a United flight number through a code-share agreement. Won’t help with the price but at least you’ll get those foreign amenities.

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