Posted by: jonkatz | February 11, 2010

FOCS 2010 Call for Papers

The call for papers for FOCS 2010 is out. This post is yet another attempt to get the TCS conference site listed first in google searches for “FOCS 2010”.



  1. Hard to compete with “Femme of Color Symposium”

  2. I’ve been waiting for a showdown like this for a long time. TCS all the way!

  3. pierre, we all need to pitch in. go ahead and link to our focs 2010 from your home page

  4. That’s true. When I google FOCS, it appears this “Femme of Color Symposium”. What the …

    Anyways, I don’t know if cryptographers will have a real chance in FOCS.

    FOCS 2009 had very little papers on Crypto. There were much more papers on Algorithmic Game Theory.

  5. Foundations of Computer Science wins!!!

    I googled FOCS 2010 today and Femme of Color Symposium came in at second place.

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