Posted by: jonkatz | April 11, 2010

Why I haven’t blogged much lately

Reason #2: Just busy

Reason #1: Because I find that all the topics I’d most like to blog about really would need to be blogged about anonymously. (Anyone else have this problem?)



  1. I used to have this problem a lot more when I was at AT&T. The topics I’d blog anonymously about now are not topics on which I have any deep insight 😉 – mostly general academic carping.

  2. It’s not about having any great insights, just about wanting to have some way to vent…

  3. I have this problem. (I’ll use that as my excuse for having a pitifully underused blog.)

  4. I would blog anonymously in the same way as I comment anonymously but my department would likely guess it was me even without my name. There is a reason why I neither blog nor tweet.

  5. Maybe we should come up with an oblivious ranting protocol.

  6. Possibly one with zero knowledge 😉

  7. Perhaps we should have a GROUP-ANONYMOUS blogging platform, where youngish (at heart) computer scientists can rant. The problem with us each starting our OWN anonymous blogs is how do you get people to read them?

    Of course, certain STYLISTIC elements or DETAILED RANTS might give away your identity so, as the commenter above noted, you have to be CAREFUL!.

  8. I understand wanting to blog anonymously. My problem is I am running for President and I have to be open about things. If the media found out i was blogging or replying to blogs anonymously, it would ruin my campaign.

  9. I’m going to try and be serious. The real question here is why to blog. If the purpose is to rant then I’m not sure that it’s worth it (it may indeed be interesting but not very helpful). I would state a few aims for blogging: (1) To provide useful information to readers about recent interesting results, what happened at workshops/conferences and so on, (2) To discuss possibly controversial topics of importance to the community (not for the sake of ranting but for the sake of having a productive discussion, and (3) To present brief technical or conceptual observations (mini-results) that you otherwise wouldn’t publish but are helpful to know.

    It could very well be that you run out of what to say for the above three. However, I don’t think that this is the case. Rather, I think that to run a truly successful blog over time, you have to invest significant time and effort. So, do you have the time to do this? I certainly don’t. However, if I was asked to do it once a month maybe I would.

    So, a suggestion to Jon: find 3-5 colleagues who you want to join with and have each one commit to writing a high-quality blog once a month (from one of the above 3 categories). Then, you administrate it (and also write once a month). This can work.

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