Posted by: jonkatz | April 24, 2015

Upcoming CyberFETCH Spotlight Interview

Since I haven’t been writing much content on my blog, I may as well use it to advertise other things I’m doing.

I’m going to be doing a version of “ask me anything” on the website. (See announcement below.) The first question you can ask me is “why don’t you blog more often…?”

——————————————— is a DHS Science & Technology sponsored web site that is a repository for all NIST test results for cyber forensic tools. It also hosts a community forum for discussions of best tools and practices in a vendor neutral and secure environment.

CyberFETCH is now hosting a series of community driven interviews with key people in the cyber / forensics community, which we are calling “Spotlights”. These will be similar to the “Ask Me Anything” sessions on Reddit ( Rather than being completely open-forum and live though, we work with the guest and the community by moderating the exchange, making this more like the interview format popular on SlashDot (

We have three excellent volunteers to start this off with, all set and ready for your questions…

Dr. Marcus Rogers, Director of the Cyber Forensics Program Purdue University, popular guest lecturer, expert in digital forensics, founder of the Digital Forensics Certification Board
Dr. Jim Lyle, Project leader for the Computer Forensic Tool Testing project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Dr. Jonathan Katz, Co-author of “Introduction to Modern Cryptology”, Director, Maryland Cybersecurity Center and Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Maryland

Many more will follow (and we’re wide open to your suggestions on who else we should invite to the Spotlight).

So please, check out the link below. Read the bio, see who piques your curiosity, and send in some questions. Don’t be bashful. 🙂


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